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Established in 2006 to enrich experiences to engage our culture, media and the Church with the timeless truth that anything's possible beyond ours moments and memories. We partner with individuals, organizations and communities to market, produce and feature broadcasts, publications, events & designs that showcase some of life's biggest messes turned miracle; bringing emotional and spiritual healing to those grieving the pain of child loss through choice, abortion, and/or childhood sexual abuse.
We are dedicated to helping you go one step beyond today by:
                                            advocating - exploited to expressive
                                            liberating - trashed to treasure
                                           celebrating - vanishing to valiant
                                           educating - immaterial to influential
our culture with the three truths:
     (1)  Abortion hurts everyone - families, friends and future generations.
    (2)  Childhood sexual abuse victims desperately need you to believe
 in them by giving audience to their experience.
                      (3)  The greatest source of hope is God.
The time is now for America to know our stories through words, projects and the creative arts. Together through the expression of courage we can move this nation beyond her whispers and secret sorrows.
Tools of the Trade:
Voices of TruthTM                                                                                                                                  

Our educational arm advances the message of recovery from the devastating affects of abortion and childhood sexual abuse through media, city-wide events, small group gatherings, speaking engagements, and printed publications; advocating healthy living through bible-based support groups and liberating voices of experience through community involvement.
We all talk about the right to choose but so few people talk about the choice.
Until we become a voice of truth, others will suffer through their
false hope in and beliefs about abortion.
Read how I was wrong about my false hope in and belief about abortion.
 . . . "voices of experience will change America and end abortion."
How do you take your life's story and share it with others? We can enrich your experience
to engage through:
     1. Preparing your public presence including speaking skills
     2. Presenting your unique style to the media
      3. Promoting your products through publicity
. . .providing our nation with your voice of empowerment.
For a complete listing of our professional services check out our services  link.
beyond the bandaideTM                                                                                                                  
Our public information arm celebrates life beyond the bandaide TM through the age old art of storytelling in featured documentaries, radio and television programs and other media related projects.
Sharing the truth about abortion and childhood sexual abuse
is our purpose and passion.
Featured Project: "I was wrong,"
Did you know 'Roe' of Roe v. Wade never had an abortion?
This 30-minute documentary captures the changed hearts of former Roe, Norma McCorvey and myself, two women forever altered by abortion.
"I was wrong." is a gripping true story unveiling the very personal truth of
the tragedy and deception of abortion but also the redemption, hope and
healing Jesus can and does wonderfully bring to women, men, and
families and ultimately nations!"
                                                                                               Deb Lescalis
                                                                                              YWAM Missionary

"I was wrong."
Programming Schedule:
Friday, January 11, 9:30 pm EST       
     Sky Angel Two  on  Sky Angel Satellite   
Friday, January 25, 11:15 am EST  
     American Family Radio   
     Today Radio for Life                       LISTEN LIVE
Schedule an airing or interview on your local cable TV, PBS channel, radio station, church or event by emailing airing@beyondthebandaide.com or calling 303.680.0221.

Joyce Zounis
Let me ask you a question.
Have you ever felt your life is beyond hope, beyond repair?
As Nancy Leigh DeMoss writes in her book, Lies Women Believe, "we have all experienced defeats and failures, trouble and turmoil." She asks, "do you ache to do things over?" Or perhaps like me you desire to make things right but feel you are a lost cause, damaged goods?
As a gal who knows the experiences of child loss through choice and childhood sexual abuse I did believe these lies. . .ok, line and sinker. Do you know someone who has lost hope or doesn't know what to do next? Tell them about this website, put this free helpline number in your wallet: 866.482.5433 and give it out.
In 1990 I learned through another woman's story in a radio broadcast that our deepest, ugliest wounds can be cleaned up and healed. Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic operator, was sharing how is she was an Ambassador of Truth. She had been directly involved with over 35,000 abortions including her own and was now forgiven. Forgiven? No way. An ambassador? Right then the Spirit of Truth showed me that if He could forgive her, you see my hang up was my number, then He could forgive me too. All I had to do was tell him. I was so ashamed and in bondage to my number 'seven' for no one knew, not even my husband.
Astonished and still I did sit as this foreign concept became a reality...my abortions were a sin, a sin that was forgivable. Never had I heard anyone speak about her messes so openly. Many tears fell that fall afternoon when I finally revealed the hidden sorrows of my heart. I met this man named Jesus when I was a child but chose to run from Him for 20 years. I believed the whispers that said He did not love nor want me because of my past... I was wrong. He did want me. He had not abandoned me as these whispers had stated. All He wanted was for me to stop running, to tell Him all about it and relax in His care as His gentle touch began removing my bandaides and healing the wounds of my soul.
Did you know this peace is possible by believing in Him, acknowledging your messes and asking for forgiveness? And the best news is He forgets your past and with His help, you can too. Are you tired of lugging around all those sad stinky bandaides attempting to patch up your past? A new beginning is just a prayer  away!
Your life is not beyond hope no matter how dark your past
or how great your mistakes.
 Failure is not final.
A man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with just an argument.
                                                                                                                 Tommy Tenney
Childhood sexual abuse victims test every aspect of a relationship, always hoping 
not to be betrayed.
Losing a child changes people forever, no matter how the child was lost.
Hope is everything and the greatest source is God.
Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.
Unforgiveness holds us in bondage to the pain of the past.
If we haven't chosen what we are living for, we're living a life by default, acting out
the scripts handed to us by family, other people's agendas, and the pressures of circumstances.
                                                                                                                  Linda Dillow
Your greatest humiliation in life can set the stage for the greatest use of your life.
This failure doesn't have to be your grand finale. In fact, the bigger the mistake,
the bigger the opportunity God has to demonstrate His willingness to forgive and
His power to transform.
                                                                                                                Robert Jeffress
Nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible for God.
You too can become an expressive treasure with valiant influence.
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