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From the event planner to the conference coordinator. The pregnancy center director to the board member. The college, the congregation to the assembly. Whatever the need, Voices of TruthTM will meet your wide variety of speaking requirements. 
  This performance agency was established to take your event above and beyond your expectations by "matchmaking" dynamic speakers, comedians, producer and authors to your specific

enriching experiences to engage

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Barbara Horak                                        
       Pregnancy Ctr Peer Counselor
                    Best-Selling Author       
                        (click) Storyteller Extraordinaire  -  "Life is in the Details"

Mark Bradley Morrow                           Licensed Counselor
                     Christian Comedian
                             Father of Eight
                 (click) Forgiven Father of 4 Abortions within 22 Months

Linda Schlueter                                             Non-profit President
         Attorney at Law
                                 Former Law Professor
                                        (click) Standing for Life and Justice

                                                  Eileen Smith                                
 Mother of the Late
               Laura Hope Smith  
                                     Fighter for Justice                                      Speaker
                            (click)  "Beauty from Ashes"  - The Laura Hope Smith Story
                                                              Told from a Mother's Heart        

Doug Wollman                                             
Gifted Composer & Keyboardist  
            Visionary Leader
                           Foster Parent
awakeningofdreamscover.jpg (42228 bytes)
                                          (click)  Instrument of Praise

Stacey Wollman                                 
Vote Yes for Life Board Member
             SD Pregnancy Ctr Director  
              Foster Parent
                                    (click)   Empowering Human Potential 
                                               having chosen Better over Bitter

Joyce Zounis                                            
Client Turned Pregnancy Ctr Director
                    Media Personality             
                     (click)  Living Beyond the Bandaide from Seven Abortions
                                                   and Childhood Sexual Abuse   



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