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We all talk about the right to choose but so few people talk about the choice. Until we become a voice of truth, others will suffer through their false hope in and beliefs about abortion.
What's your story?

You matter. Your words matter. Your story matters. And it needs to be told.

One of the steps in getting rid of the bandaides covering your pain is to find the courage to tell your story. In order to remove the bandaide, you need to acknowledge it first. As a woman who has lost seven children through abortion, I must share it was 13 years after my first abortion before I would even breathe, carefully speak, very selected words about my experiences. And even then, it was years before my words changed from several, to many, to seven. It wasn't until I put pen to paper did I realize how much my life had been altered by my choices and my unsuccessful attempts to patch up the past.
To most my life looked great on the outside (bandaides can be so colorful and useful with all their creative shapes & sizes) but was I ever a mess on the inside. My inner beings were tied up in knots. Did you know it is written that when we keep silent our bones will waste away through our groaning all day long? I knew something wasn't right but I had no idea why I was wasting, vanishing away. It was through abortion recovery I finally stopped living the lie that my choices didn't matter and agonizing over the fear that others would see right though me.
The second step in healing helped me to understand it did not matter how many mistakes, stumbles and denied memories I possessed. The God of new beginnings was just waiting for me to ask for weight and impression of my bandaides to be removed. I hear they have been thrown as far as east is from the west and will be remembered no more. And in their place, the tears I desperately had forgotten, began to form and fall. I could cry. I could grieve. And I could no longer ignore the secret sorrows of my heart; my children. Touched by truth, my heart finally had a beat and the time had come for my lips to tell others; you, this story.
What is your heart saying to you? Is it time to share? Living beyond the bandaideTM is possible. You are important and so are your words.
Would you be willing to share your story?

Who will benefit:

Baby's Mommy
Baby's Daddy
Friend who counseled for the abortion or drove mommy to the abortion facility

Anyone who has been impacted by abortion, whether through a relationship or personal experience.
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                                                                                 Breathe and know you too
                                                                                can do this! 
Do you know someone who has lost hope?
The National Helpline for Abortion Recovery is just a call away - 866.482.LIFE

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Tell us your story of child loss through choice and/or childhood sexual abuse.

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