national helpline

national helpline for abortion recovery
866-482-LIFE (5433)
unique personal help
If you are hurting and need help, call right now and talk with a trained counselor
who has experienced the pain of abortion and  found hope and healing.

Relieved, lonely, depressed, distrusting, withdrawn, betrayed,
 shamed, sad, hindered by intimacy problems, fearful, guilt-ridden,
degraded, broken hearted, overwhelmed when making decisions,
out of control, angry at the world, unable to be around babies,
 consumed with grief, regretful, etc, etc, etc. . . .
Does any of this sound familiar?  

You may be thinking,
"Okay, so I had an abortion.
But that is in the past. . .
do I really need
to be healed?"
Are you ready to talk?
One caller shares,"this has been the best call of my life! "
A glad heart makes a happy face: a broken heart crushes the spirit.
                                                                                  Proverbs 15:13

     Perhaps you have not experienced child loss through choice; abortion, but told a friend
     it was the best thing to do; or you gave them money or drove them to the abortion
          . . .we are here for you.
     Or maybe your words and pleas were ignored and you are filled with devastating pain
     and anger; or perhaps consumed with guilt thinking if only you had said this or done that
     differently, maybe just maybe she wouldn't have aborted
         . . .we are here for you.
     Anyone and everyone hurt by abortion whether through personal experience 
     or relationship
          . . .we are here for you.
Men, women, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings.
You are not alone. There is help and hope.
                        866-482-LIFE  (5433)     
24/7/365                free             confidential care             just a call away
           National Helpline for Abortion Recovery                 
"Give all your children personhood and honor; let people hear their stories." Dail Lace

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