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As the creative force behind other than bandaide productions, llc, Joyce Zounis draws together her experiences as an event planner, church office manager, marketing director, media specialist, radio and TV producer & personality; and interior decorator to offer an array of unique products intended to enrich experiences to engage our culture, the Church and the media through the expression of words, events and the arts.
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Your story and style are always the most important aspect of my work and it leads me to seeking out the most effective way to enrich your personal presence in a given project. Staying personally involved with every detail of your project and producing a high-quality product is most important to me.

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Joyce has excellent administrative skills and judgments. She is organized and diligent. She has planned events and is able to balance and accomplish multiple tasks. She is efficient in completing her tasks and is able to anticipate potential problems and establish guidelines for getting them resolved. I have come to admire and respect her professional, organizational abilities, and character.
Anne Newman
Former Director of Communications
Operation Outcry   
Joyce is an excellent communicator and presents herself in a very professional manner. She is articulate, persuasive, and competent. She can "think on her feet" and is able to answer even the toughest questions. Furthermore, she knows how to communicate the message in a variety of forums from the media to government officials and churches making  her an effective communicator.


Linda L. Schlueter


Trinity Legal Center  
"Wow! This is really nice." "It's very cozy." "The rooms are very warm and welcoming." "I like what you've done with the colors.". . .These are just a few of the comments we have received along with many others conveying very similar thoughts.
One of our goals at Colorado Pregnancy Center is to do all that we can to make our clients feel welcomed, comfortable, and loved. A big piece of that comes with their first impressions of the facility as they walk in and see and feel that it is a very warm, welcoming safe haven for them.


Joyce has been more than instrumental in facilitating us in achieving our goal of making our clients feel welcomed and comfortable through the interior design work that she did for the Center when we opened our new facility in July of 2006. I especially appreciate her sensitivity to the atmosphere we wanted to create and being able to put all of that together with her creative gifts and talents to make a final product that was more than we could have imagined.
Having seen some of her previous interior design work at other locations as well, I can say with confidence that she consistently does quality work which meets the needs and desires of her clients.
Wendy Templeton-Stone
Executive Director
Colorado Pregnancy Centers 
As a television talk show host, Joyce is a captivating communicator instructing and empowering her audience with the truth that with God, anything is possible. With great passion and compassion she shares this inspiring message through the transparency of own life; how she found victory and purpose despite the dark circumstances and wrong choices of her past.

Trish Lord
Producer Denver Celebration
Daystar Television Network

In addition to her speaking giftedness, Joyce is a talented event planner and creative decorator; she weaves these talents into her ministry. As a mother of five children, she also draws on humor and wisdom from above concerning women and family issues.  She has the ability to understand and address the whole woman, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and relationally.
Nancy Ide
Women's Ministry Retreat
Living Word Church



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