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Disclaimer:  Beyond the BandaideTM is not a medical organization nor a professional counseling service. We offer peer support only. Any advice, links, ideas, or suggestions presented on our pages should not be used in place of the advice of a qualified professional.
    As Dr. David Reardon of the Elliot Institute states, "if you are experiencing shame or guilt
    because of childhood sexual abuse or abortion, and have a negative experience with a
    particular group, you may believe that is what you deserve.  It isn't.  What you deserve is
    respect, a nonjudgmental attitude, and effective assistance as you heal.  If one person
    or organization isn't right for you, another one will be."

Childhood Sexual Abuse/Abortion Trauma
Restoring the Heart Ministries   In The Wildflowers    631.689.6686  
  offers victims of sexual abuse and post-abortion trauma hope for their own healing.
Shelter from the Storm  Hope for Survivors of Sexual Abuse    800.460.4673
  from beyond her own darkness, author Cynthia Kubetin leads others through a clear step-by-
  step process of overcoming the persuasive destruction of sexual abusive. 
The Path to Sexual Healing  by Linda Cochrane    800-CHRISTIAN
  sexual sin has infiltrated the Christian community, leaving suffering and scarred lives in its wake. 
  Designed for victims of sexual abuse and those who've hurt others by sexual trauma, this sensitive,
  honest Bible study features meditations, Scripture memory verses, and discussion questions to promote
  healing and restoration.
Committed to Freedom  Move Beyond Abuse   800-713-7837
  offers Spiritual tools to help survivors of childhood or adolescent abuse, especially sexual abuse, move
  beyond their abuse experiences. They do this through various programs offering retreats for women,
  retreats for men, seminars for survivors and their support network, training seminars for clergy and lay
  leadership, self-help curriculum, support group studies, and other sources of information and
     As family counselor Terri Reisser share, "the very best way to work on your post-abortion
     issues is by joining a post-abortion support group. Look in your yellow pages under
     "abortion alternatives" and call your local pregnancy care center and ask if they offer
     free post-abortion support groups. If your town doesn't have a pregnancy care center,
     or if that center doesn't offer post-abortion counseling, contact one of the
     following organizations."
Abortion Help/Information Related Websites    866-4-My-Recovery
  encourages healing opportunities to those wounded by abortion, enlightens society to
  the affects of abortion on individuals and families through extended education, conferences
  and specialized training. An outreach of  Abortion Recovery InterNational (ARIN).
Elliot Institute    217-525-8202
  the web's most complete source of information on the aftereffects of abortion and post-abortion
  healing with over 500 hundred links to thousands of printed pages of original research, testimonies,
  articles, and resources. The home of the "unchoice" campaign.
National Helpline for Abortion Recovery   866.482.LIFE  (5433)
  provides free confidential care 24/7 for those hurting from abortion. All phone counselors have
  experienced abortion and healing.
  1-800-5WE-CARE  networks researchers and psychotherapeutic professionals working
  in the field within the U.S. and abroad, consults on the formation of post-abortion support services
  within secular and religious settings including Project Rachel and provides assistance in reconciling
  an abortion experience.

Ramah International     941-473-2188
  offers support by phone and e-mail to those hurting from abortion. Also supports post-abortion ministries
  through training programs, resources, research and promoting awareness of post-abortion.

Online Internet Resources   214-703-0505
   Last Havest Ministires Resources:

Pregnancy Help Related Websites
Optionline  Care-Net/Heartbeat International    800-395-HELP
  provides round-the-clock support to those seeking information about pregnancy, abortion, and other
  related issues.
The Heidi Group    512-255-2088
  offers girls, women and families dignity and hope through outreach to assess education,  job skills, an
  goals to achieve productive lives.
Online Internet Resources   214-703-0505
   Last Havest Ministires Resources:


Recovery Bible-Studies
Forgiven and Set Free  by Linda Cochrane
  Women who hurt after an abortion usually have such deep scars that they have difficulty
talking about
  their pain. Linda Cochran, who suffered from post-abortion syndrome, gently helps these women open
  up and unearth deeply buried feelings of stress, guilt, and shame in an atmosphere of love and 

Healing a Father's Heart  by Linda Cochrane
  This study helps men who are tired of fighting alone to acknowledge and face their inner turmoil head-on.
  The authors walk hurting men through the stages of post-abortion syndrome, helping them move out of
  denial about the past and into acceptance and forgiveness. Most importantly, these men will learn about
  God's unchanging, loving character, and His desire to forgive them and heal their father-hearts.
  informative webpage by Terri Reisser, author of "Help for the Post-abortion Woman" a self-help book and
  Bible study for healing after abortion.  This page includes streaming audio presentations.
Free Me To Live  by Ken Freeman      FREE! 30 DAY Web-based Christian Help
  Complete your healing journey at your own pace. You are now able to complete the intensive, interactive
  FREE ME TO LIVE Bible study emotional/spiritual healing course that has helped literally thousands of
  men and women discover freedom from their past hurts!
Blood Money  Getting Rich Off a Woman's Right to Choose by Carol Everett
  Click here to read an interview with Carol.
Motherhood Interrupted  by Jane  Brennan    
  This is a compilation of stories by women who have experienced an abortion and it's painful after effects.
  The book chronicles their journeys toward healing through acceptance, mercy and forgiveness.
Real Abortion Stories  The Hurting and the Healing by Barbara Horak   
  This book of fifteen short, riveting stories, told without editorial comment, offers hope and healing.
  Tells a deeply moving story about a woman's struggle to reconcile herself with a child she aborted nine
  years previously. This powerful pro-life tale of forgiveness will shake the most stoic soul. Novel by best- 
  selling author Frank Peretti.
National Memorial for the Unborn
  is dedicated to healing the pain associated with the loss of aborted children. The Memorial
 is a solemn
  place where over 35,000 deaths occurred during the years an abortion clinic was located on this site.
  But what was once a place of death is now a place of life and hope.
  honors and memorializes our nameless sons and daughters lost through abortion in Waco, TX.
  features a bronze sculpture depicting Jesus giving a mother hope, a place of hope for abortion in various 
  the gardens of hope worldwide.
  is a memorial quilt dedicated to expressing love and dignity for the millions of children who died by
  abortion.  The quilt will consist of 24-inch squares, with each square honoring one child. The squares
  will be assembled into quilt panels that will be displayed in public locations around  the country, and
  overseas, as well.
Check out the Greatest Source of Hope
  listen to Christian Music on-line, find Bible study tools, commentaries, dictionaries, an encyclopedia,
  history and many other resources including who is Jesus, pod casts, audio, chat rooms & prayer.
In The Know
Trinity Legal Center    210.771.0757
  a non-profit, public-interest legal center dedicated to advancing life and justice in the courts, legislatures,
  and the public arena.            Action Alert Item
Harold J. Cassidy & Associates   732.747.3999
  is counsel of record in cutting edge litigation in the Federal District Court in South Dakota and the United
  States Court of Appeals for the 8th circuit, in the matter of Planned Parenthood vs Mike Rounds, Alpha
  Center. That case will decide some of the most important factual and legal issues surrounding the
  protection of the rights of pregnant mothers.
  for a list of medical organizations recognizing a link between abortion and breast cancerTelling women
  their abortions are related to increased breast cancer risk is clearly not good for cancer fundraising
  businesses, the abortion industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Medical groups whose doctors do
  not perform abortions or refer women for abortions will be among the first to recognize that abortion
  raises a woman's breast cancer risk.
On The Hill
  promotes Biblical values and family traditions;  US coalition of conservative women.
  promotes the traditional family unit and the Judeo-Christian value system upon which it is built on.
  a nationwide network of Americans dedicated to mobilizing, advancing, and representing pro-life women
  in politics.
  empowers people of faith with an emphasis on the restoration of the values needed to maintain strong,
  unified families.
In The News
  receive a free daily or twice-weekly email report with the latest pro-life news headlines on abortion,   
  euthanasia and stem cell research.
  receive the latest headlines "NewsBrief" summary in your inbox each weekday afternoon.
On The Air
  provides faith-based media content for broadcasting all over the world.
  talk radio from a Christian worldview.
  offers a 5 minute daily news presentation. Get up-to-date headline news on the top pro-life news stories
  from across the country and around the world with our host Jim Anderson.
  listen to archived radio stories about hope after abortion.
  is a ministry dedicated to redeeming the values of the mass media according to biblical principles,  by
  influencing entertainment industry executives and helping families make wise media choices.
  MOVIEGUIDE® is more than just a magazine -- it's also a two-minute and half-hour TV show, a two-
  minute and half-hour radio show, and an Internet resource available around the world and broadcast,
  cablecast and satellite-cast in mopre than 200 countries and territories. The magazine and Internet
  versions of MOVIEGUIDE® include news from the entertainment industry, insightful articles on trends
  and beliefs, and interviews with top filmmakers and actors such as Robert Duvall, Tom Hanks, Bruce
  Willis, Lindsay Lohan, and Steven Spielberg.
  Check to see how your favorite movie or video has been reviewed.
  an exciting new broadcast platform spotlighting everything that is taking place in the global movement
  to restore human dignity and respect for every human being on the planet. Programming at NPLR
  includes savvy talk hosts, insightful opinion leaders, comprehensive news coverage, information and
  education programs.

  one-minute commentaries PSA heard on 1000 radio stations.
  Christian Broadcasting Network - Christian news, television programming, ministry resources,
  and more. 
 Tim Brotzman
  voice over talent for media projects.
Unchoice TV & Radio Spots  unwanted   unfair   unsafe  

  run them as free or low-cost Public Service Announcements in your community

      :30 TV Spot: Brian and Lisa   
       Click here to watch this 30-second TV ad.
      :30 Television Ad: Coerced Abortion
       Click here to watch this 30-second ad.
    RADIO :60 SPOT 1   The UnChoice: Coerced Abortion - Shontrese

    RADIO :60 SPOT 2   The UnChoice: Suicide -- Stuffed Rabbit 



For additional 'unchoice campaign' radio spots, click here.
On The Streets, Walls & in Print
Unchoice Ad Campaign - Billboards, Posters, Print
2 of 12   FREE  downloadable  posters


The 'Unchoice Campaign' is a project of the Elliot Institute. They advise since this is a sensitive and complex issue, and since the typical consumer must see an ad up to 6 times before it "sticks" ... a multimedia campaign - consistent in colors, image, graphics, message, audience and purpose - is important.
On the Shelf
 your source for Christian and family videos and DVDs. Wholesome movies children,  teens, and adults.      
 Clearance videos on DVD and VHS.
On The Big Screen
Bella  True Love Goes Beyond Romance

Play Clip
  A man whose life is about to be changed forever discovers that sometimes it takes  losing it all to finally
  appreciate the things that truly matter in director Alejandro Monteverde's emotional tale of self discovery.
  ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
On The Little Screen  (TV)
A Distant Thunder (Special Edition) -- DVD

Play Clip
  Distant Thunder (2005)
  Things are not always as they seem... especially when entering the halls of a desperate mind in this 
  gripping supernatural thriller. Struggling to keep her fragile sanity from unraveling, Prosecutor Ann Brown
  is offered a murder case that will challenge everything she believes to be true. Uncertain at first whether 
  to accept the assignment, a harrowing encounter with Defense Attorney Tom  Condan convinces her to
  meet the challenge. The deeper she investigates, reality and tormenting delusions collide as she
  encounters an evil force as unnerving as it is foreboding. In this  award-winning movie, terrifying secrets
  are exposed, and you'll discover the shocking  twist which reveals the chilling and unforeseeable truth.
Special pricing when purchased as a set with "I was wrong." 
"I was wrong."

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  It is difficult for most of us to admit that we are wrong in the minute day-to-day failings in our lives.
  Can you imagine coming to a point in your life where you realize the very public platform that you've
  stood on for most of your life is egregiously flawed? In "I was wrong." this truth is captured in the life
  experiences and changed hearts of two women forever altered by abortion; Norma McCorvey, Jane Roe
  of Roe v. Wade, icon of choice and Joyce Zounis, seven-time consumer of choice.
Iron Jawed Angels - DVD *

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Iron Jawed Angels
  They had no vote, no political clout, no equal rights. But what they lacked under the law  they made up
  for with brains, determination and courage. Oscar®-winner Hilary Swank leads an outstanding cast in
  the inspirational true story of two women who dared to make a stand for women's rights, and ended
  up shaping the future of America.
*Available at your local video rental store



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