other than a bandaide productions, llc

other than a bandaide productions, llc
Established in 2006 to enrich experiences to engage our culture, media and the Church with the timeless truth that anything's possible beyond our moments and memories.
We partner with individuals, organizations and communities to market, produce and feature broadcasts, publications,  events and designs that showcase some of life's biggest messes turned miracle; bringing emotional and spiritual healing to those grieving the pain of child loss through choice, abortion, and/or childhood sexual abuse.
We are dedicated to helping those hurting go one step beyond today by


exploited to expressive


trashed to treasure


vanishing to valiant


immaterial to influential

our culture with the three truths:
     (1)  Abortion hurts everyone - families, friends and future generations.
     (2)  Childhood sexual abuse victims desperately need you to believe
           in them by giving audience to their experience.
     (3)  The greatest source of hope is God.
The time is now for America to know our stories through words, projects and the creative arts. Together through the expression of courage we can move this nation beyond her whispers and secret sorrows.
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