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Action Alert

Motherhood Interrupted by Jane Brennan
16 Stories of healing and Hope after Abortion 
Published on Janaury 28, 2008. 
                    "A must read for individual and corporate living beyond America's
                    secret sorrow. Empowered and unified voices of experience speak
                    dismissed truth into the darkest moments of child loss through choice."

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about the health consequences of abortion
Did you know your daughter increases her risk in the future of premature birth, miscarriage, breast cancer, depression, anxiety disorders, psychiatric admissions, and substance abuse?
Past abortions may also be a factor in developing autoimmune diseases. Protect your daughter from harm by empowering her knowledge to keep her safe.

the Memorial Park featured in documentary "I was wrong."
 Watch Television News Interview      Vandals Damage Memorial Park      
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                   February 4, 2008
 Rachel's Park Memorial Vandalized

Either late Friday evening or early morning Saturday, Feb. 2nd, Rachel's Park Memorial was tragically vandalized. The perpetrator or perpetrators callously desecrated the hollowed grounds dedicated to the preborn babies lost to the sin and crime of abortion. Their instrument of choice was a vehicle, probably an SUV or Jeep. Two to three hundred crosses were destroyed out of the four thousand crosses that represent the four thousand children that die each and every day in America by the cruel act of abortion.

Rachel's Park Memorial was officially dedicated in the city of Waco on January 22nd, 2000 at Church on the Rock, 4720 N. 19th St.  There are several features to the park that are designed to help post-abortive families grieve their loss and prayerfully find the forgiveness of God as they repent of their involvement in aborting their children.

"Since our nation allows for the desecration and destruction of God's little image-bearers, the pre-born children, one should not find it surprising when a memorial that honors their deaths are violated as well," stated Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, Founder and Director of Rachel's Park Memorial. "I pray those who are responsible will be brought to justice that will ultimately drive them to saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord."

The vehicle responsible probably suffered damage. The crosses were planted into the ground with steel rebar. If anyone has knowledge of an SUV or Jeep that needs repairs for tires or the undercarriage, please notify the Waco Police Department immediately at 750-7500.

For more information or interviews contact Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas at 254-715-3134.


Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas


Please prayerfully consider making a donation to restore this much needed memorial.

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