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Joyce Zounis
Joyce & Melina Zounis

                            motivational speaker, media specialist,
                            business owner, event planner & mom
Thirteen years after her first loss of a child to abortion, divine intervention awoke Joyce from her nightmarish past to the truth of her harrowing actions. Inconceivable agony and remorse lay deep within the shadows of her heart. Not only does she grieve her seven baby boys, but their children and their children.
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Today Joyce has moved beyond the bandaideTM our culture placed on her private pain of child loss through choice. Her 21st century voice of truth has been featured on television, radio, and in print publications. As a spokesperson for life issues, she has served as the national director of Operation Outcry: Silent No More, a radio talk show host and producer for Voices of Abortion & television producer for season one of Faces of Abortion, and appears with Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade in the internationally released documentary "I was wrong."

Joyce's work includes directing a pregnancy care center, launching a ministry for those hurt by abortion and child sexual abuse, marketing and promoting life-changing projects, planning city to nationwide media campaigns & special events, and designing spaces including interior, commercial and set designs.

Joyce in the Media
Watch   TV Show, Faces of Abortion, producer Season One and Segment Host
Listen   Radio,  Beyond the Bandaide Radio, producer and talk show host

what people are saying...
Some people in the pro-life movement at times seem to have a vendetta or a cause
that they so strongly believe in that they have lost any compassion for people. Joyce
is not for a cause, but has a message of healing and truth to those whose lives have
been touched by abortion.

                                                                                                              Eddie Alcaraz
                                                                                                              KVTT 91.7 FM
                                                                                                              Dallas, TX

Joyce is training up women for war. Instead of the whole 'liberation of women' through
pornography, lesbianism, and male chauvinism...she is winning through the liberating
of women through the power of grace, the attribute of love, and compassion that
reaches the hearts and wombs.

                                                                                                              Kristi Rutledge
                                                                                                              A Cry Without A Voice

As a television talk show host, Joyce is a captivating communicator instructing and
empowering her audience with the truth that with God anything is possible. With
great passion and compassion she shares this inspiring message through the
transparency of her own life: how she found victory and purpose despite the dark
circumstances and wrong choices of her past.

                                                                                                             Trish Lord
                                                                                                             Producer Denver Celebration
                                                                                                             Daystar Television Network

In addition to her speaking giftedness, Joyce is a talented event planner and creative
decorator; she weaves these talents into her ministry. As a mother of five children, she
also draws on humor and wisdom from above concerning women and family issues.
She has the ability to understand and address the whole woman, spiritually, physically,
emotionally, and relationally.

                                                                                                            Nancy Ide
                                                                                                            Women's Ministry Retreat
                                                                                                            Living Word Church
Joyce is available to tour with documentary "I was wrong."
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